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Dental X-Rays Image

How Dental X-Rays Benefit Patients Undergoing Oral Surgery in Texas

Technology is ever-evolving in the field of dentistry. Today, when you

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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Image

What Does Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Entail?

Losing your teeth as an adult can be quite problematic beyond just aff

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Tips for Kids Image

Pro Tips for Kids from an Oral Surgeon in Austin

When did you first start brushing your teeth? What about flossing? It

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Best Jaw Surgeon Image

Best Jaw Surgeon Tips to Speed Up Your Recovery

A misaligned jaw can cause chronic pain. The misalignment increases th

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Oral Pathology Image

Oral Pathology: Insight from a Maxillofacial Surgeon in Austin

Every dentist encourages their patients to be smart about their oral h

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery Image

Misconceptions About Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth are the last permanent t

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Denture Need to Know Image 1

Denture Preparation: 7 Things You Need to Know

One of the most common ways to respond to lost teeth is dentures. In f

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How Botox Treatments Can Help with TMJ Disorder

You have likely heard about Botox in the context of making people appe

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Tips from a Dental Clinic in Texas on Getting Through the Holidays

The holiday season is all about traditions. Many of those traditions c

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Choose the Best Type of Dental Implants in Bastrop or Lakeway

No one should have to feel insecure about their smile. When you love y

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