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Wisdom Teeth & Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lakeway and Bastrop

Whenever a patient embarks upon a road to better dental health, it is very common that wisdom teeth removal surgery and/or tooth extraction is recommended. Whether for the removal of wisdom teeth that can cause ongoing problems or for the removal of teeth for orthodontic work, the extraction process does not need to be a cause of anxiety. Our doctors can provide you with the best method of extraction that fits your specific needs.


Common questions about wisdom tooth removal:

1) If my wisdom teeth are not bothering me, why should I remove them?

Wisdom teeth are hard to clean due to their location, which can lead to decay, as well as damage to other teeth in your mouth. Also, if the sac that surrounds the tooth remains in the bone, it can fill with fluid, forming a cyst.

Since wisdom teeth develop over a period of many years, harmful changes in your mouth may be gradual and could result in sudden and severe pain. Over time, your wisdom teeth become more firmly anchored in your jaw. Therefore, the older you are, the more difficult it is to remove your wisdom teeth. Also, if you wait until your wisdom teeth cause you trouble, the odds of risks and complications are higher.


2) How are the wisdom teeth removed?

The procedure of wisdom teeth removal in Lakeway and Bastrop usually takes less than an hour. If your tooth erupts, it may be removed without an incision in your gum by loosening and lifting the tooth with special instruments. Occasionally, to ease removal, a tooth has to be sectioned and removed in two or more pieces. Incisions are only made if your tooth is impacted (still in the jaw), sometimes requiring stitches.


3) Will this hurt?

Our expert team of doctors and staff is dedicated to your care and comfort. Please be assured that anesthesia is available at whatever level is appropriate for each patient. If anything is unpleasant for you, it will not be done until you are comfortable. Our doctors are experienced and equipped to handle wisdom teeth removal pain relief.

We encourage you to express any concerns that you may have prior to treatment.


4) Can I be asleep for the procedure?

To help you relax, you may choose to have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen through a mask placed over your nose. To be asleep, you will be given an IV sedative. Once you are fully relaxed or asleep, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area around each wisdom tooth being removed.

We will discuss these options with you and help you decide which type of anesthesia is best for you.


5) How long will I miss school or work?

Depending on the number of teeth removed and the difficulty, recovery time is usually one to two days. Some swelling and soreness may persist for three to five days.


6) How much does wisdom tooth removal cost and is it covered by my insurance?

It is almost impossible to give an accurate estimate of cost until our doctors perform an examination, including a panoramic x-ray. Costs vary depending on the number of wisdom teeth being removed and whether they are erupted or impacted. Another factor of cost is the type of anesthesia you choose. You will receive a written estimate of the cost prior to beginning the recommended treatment.

Coverage of your wisdom teeth removal in Lakeway or Bastrop is determined by your individual insurance policy. Most extractions are covered by dental insurance. However, occasionally impacted wisdom teeth are covered by medical insurance. Present your medical and dental insurance information at your initial appointment and our office staff will contact your insurance company and estimate your benefits. We will also be glad to assist you by completing and filing your insurance claims for you.