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7 Benefits of Dental Implants in Austin, TX

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Americans over the age of 65 have experienced considerable improvements in oral health over the past two decades. We are seeing fewer members of that generation with edentulism, as well as fewer enduring teeth extractions. For this, we can thank the greater attention to prevention that modern dental professionals take.

Of course, this isn’t to say that there isn’t still a need for dental implants. Millions of Americans still suffer from tooth loss. And luckily, implants are an excellent alternative to dentures and bridges, which once dominated the industry. Dental implants are the high-tech replacement that mimics tooth structure. That is to say, it not only acts like a real tooth, but it looks and feels like one. Check out what it would mean for you to receive dental implants in Austin, TX.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Are you missing a tooth? How about multiple teeth? Either of these could be due to extractions or natural loss. And in both cases, investing in dental implants in Austin, TX might be the right move for you. The ideal candidate is someone who, despite having missing teeth, has good overall oral health. This includes having both strong and healthy bones and gums. Note that a dentist is able to help with this prior to the treatment. Otherwise, you may be in need of a bone grafting procedure prior to the placement of your implants. This is a surgical procedure using transplanted bone to strengthen the damaged areas. Luckily, as technology continues to advance, you will find that not all treatments are so invasive. For instance, the All-on-4 concept provides patients with an affordable, predictable solution.

7 Advantages of Dental Implants in Austin, TX

A professional oral and maxillofacial surgeon will offer you a customized treatment plan. They emphasize that the point of implants is to restore both your smile and oral health. Essentially, these tiny titanium posts can make a huge impact. When you get dental implants in the Austin, TX area, you can expect minimal disruption in your everyday life. Here are seven ways that dental implants can help you.

You are confident in your appearance.

Our teeth do more than just chew food. They also offer an indication of our happiness when we smile. Unfortunately, you may not currently be happy with your smile because you are noticeably missing teeth. Perhaps you even hide your smile—or mouth, in general—when you are talking to someone. Implants can fix that problem for you. They are known to improve appearance and self-esteem. For that matter, they can prevent premature aging and facial sagging that comes with the effects of bone loss.

There is greater convenience than dentures.

Dental implants allow for a better overall experience than dentures. After all, dentures need to be removed for cleaning, whereas implants don’t. You won’t need to buy special cleaning products. Dentures require you to avoid stiff-bristled brushes. They also can’t stand up to regular toothpaste considering it can wear away the material. But implants are convenient—they are designed to be just like your natural teeth. With dental implants, you won’t have to remove them and deal with adhesives.

Your implants behave like regular teeth.

Once again, one of the major benefits of getting dental implants in Austin, TX is that they match your natural teeth. There are a wide variety of dental implant options that you can choose from. An expert oral surgeon will help to determine what will perfectly fit the gap. That oral surgeon will then designs implants in accordance with the rest of your teeth. A restorative dentist even goes as far as to match the exact color of the crown. With the implant being secured underneath your jawline, and the crown blending in with the rest of your smile, you will feel as though you never lost your tooth.

The problem of cavities is eliminated.

Losing one tooth can spell trouble for the rest of your teeth. Over time, those other teeth may lean into the gap. Otherwise, they could become loose. As your teeth shift, they put you at risk for further tooth decay. But when you have dental implants, you benefit from filling that open space. And although you will need to be proactive in cleaning your mouth to prevent bacteria and plaque build-up, the implant itself won’t be able to get a cavity.

Speech is improved.

Having a missing tooth can alter your speech. In fact, so can having dentures. In either case, you have the potential to contract a lisp or slur your words. For missing teeth, it’s a matter of where those gaps are. An example is that the “th” sound requires the tongue against the top row of teeth. So, if you are missing those teeth, you can’t pronounce the sound correctly. When it comes to dentures, issues in speech may arise when they slip. Dental implants are a great alternative to prevent speech issues.

Eating is a more comfortable experience.

You might find that, after losing or extracting a tooth, you are straying away from certain foods. Even if you decide to go the denture route doesn’t mean that your eating experience is going to drastically improve. In the same way that dentures can slip out while you are speaking, they can slip out while you are eating. They will need implant supports to anchor them. But by getting dental implants in Austin, TX from the start, you can get back to your favorite meals. No longer will you have to deprive yourself of nutrients.

Dental implants can prevent jaw deterioration.

Did you know that you can endure bone loss if you don’t get a dental implant when you need it? In order for your jaw bone to remain healthy, it requires stimulation. Dental implants can provide that kind of stimulation. Bone loss can begin immediately following the loss of the tooth. The longer an open space goes being open, the more bone loss you will experience. An implant is the perfect way to fill it and, ultimately, keep your bone intact. It not only replaces the tooth, but also the root. The stimulation it provides through the restoration of your chewing capabilities ensures that your jaw won’t go through remineralization. This will then lead to the protection of your face shape.

How successful are dental implants?

It has been found that dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. Of course, it matters who your oral surgeon is and where the implant is placed. But the majority of recipients of dental implants in Austin, TX find that there is minimal discomfort that comes from the procedure. Plus, you have access to pain medications to treat any following soreness. As the years go by, if you are taking care of your implants, they will continue to last. Treat them as you would real teeth. Brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Make sure that you are also regularly seeing your dentist for cleanings. And keep in mind as you are considering implants that the metal-free option of zirconia especially holds its own against corrosion.


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