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Which Implant System is best for you?

There are over 100 companies selling dental implants in the United States.  Many of those companies enjoy regional dominance, and if you ask surgeons or restorative doctors which implant system is the best you will no doubt get many different answers.  In fact, many dentists are so engrained in using the system they like, it is the only system they offer their patients.  On the flip side, there are many surgeons that use a variety of implants, based on whatever implant company happens to be giving them the best price.  So the next logical question is what system do I offer my patients?  Well the answer is that there are multiple options available in our practice, because frankly I like options.   I don’t feel that there is a one-size-fits-all implant out there.  Each of the systems we offer has unique properties that make it right for certain situations.  We offer Zimmer Trabecular Metal implants that can be restored up to 3 or 4 times faster than most traditional implants.   Our Bicon implants can be placed in compromised sites due to bone and/or soft tissue defects, that once would have taken multiple reconstructive surgeries in order to prepare the site to place an implant.   The Nobel Biocare implants we offer have both elegant restorative (putting the crown on the implant) capabilities and as well as implants that have the best capacity for immediate restoration (ie. the ability to place a crown on the implant within hours to days, as opposed to months).  Our CeraRoot implants allow us to offer our patients metal-free options.   So, while there are many implant systems to choose from,  each system serves a purpose.  Additionally, we only use implant companies that are considered leaders and stay at the cutting edge of implant technology.  We spend countless hours in continuing education and providing continuing education to restorative doctors, so that your entire team is capable of providing an implant experience that is truly tailored to your unique situation.